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The {not so secret} antidote to ‘Retail Media Overload’

Updated: Jul 6, 2022

There’s been lots of talk in the industry recently about the growth of retail media networks (RMNs), with key articles being published by leading sources such as The Grocer, Ad Week, and McKinsey & Company in June 2022 alone.

The downside to all this growth? ‘Retail media overload’, as Amin Mrini, VP of WARC digital commerce, puts it in the article from The Grocer; “Increased fragmentation means too many platforms to manage, and difficult choices on resources and which retail media network to select and prioritise.” As a result, today more than half of marketers work through six or more retail media partners to buy media.

And with new retailer media groups popping up regularly, this is only set to get worse…

So, who is Capture and how can we help?

Capture is the UK's leading commerce media agency that specialises in connecting brands with people at the point of consideration and buying.

For 13+ years we’ve planned, booked, managed, and evaluated 1000’s of commerce media campaigns from end to end for brands – making us the largest single trader of UK commerce media. We help simplify a very complicated picture by having relationships with all major commerce media networks and owners, acting as one single point of contact for you to deliver campaigns across them all.

A snapshot of just some of the media we buy via our internal trade desk:

To put it simply: We take the graft out of commerce marketing by doing the hard work for you!

Three BIG advantages to working with Capture:

1. We plan, book and manage campaigns across multiple media owners in one retailer, resulting in effective, consistent and connected omnichannel experience.

WK Kellogg By Kids launch campaign, Tesco, 2020

According to this 2021 article from Internet Retailing, today’s ‘Hybrid Consumers’ interact with brands across 20 channels on average. Whilst 39% of UK marketers claim they deliver a consistent experience on 3 or more of those channels, only 12% of customers agree brands actually do. Don’t let this be you!

2. We also plan, book and manage the campaigns across multiple retailers…

We help make the most efficient use of your marketing spend by advising on how much budget you should allocate to each retailer based on key criteria like headroom for growth and shopper profile fit.

We also understand the nuances between each retailer and can adapt a wider campaign across each one, so it resonates with that retailer’s shoppers more and capitalises on hidden or unique opportunities.

3. And because we evaluate all activity with one bespoke, consistent methodology, we can provide you with a unified view across all media and retailers.

Evaluating through us means you’re better able to make like-for-like comparisons about what is and isn’t performing across a number of metrics such as impressions, CTR, sales uplift, ROI and more.

Findings are delivered back quickly and all evaluations are housed within our proprietary tool Plan-Apps too enable us to optimise future campaigns efficiently.

Interested to know how we can help cure your Retail Media Overload? Get in touch at

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