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Thursday Thought 3 #retailmedia

Updated: Jun 22, 2023

We recently explored the importance of brands and retailers being open to structural and cultural changes when exploring their #retailmedia partnerships.

However, whilst the very essence of the phrase #retailmedia appears to put more onus on the retailer, the structural changes required on their side are more significant than the ones faced by brands, since media ownership is very different to their core retail business.

It’s imperative the retailer provides a great service to the brand, and when done properly, the brand’s media planning benefits greatly;

1) it’s aligned with the communication calendar the retailer is planning for their customers 👍

2) the communication feels consistent with everything else the retailer’s doing, so it doesn’t jar with the customer on their journey 👍

3) it provides a brilliant sales uplift, both for the brand and the retailer 👍

Retail media thoughts

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