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{Jars NPD Launch}

Organix wanted to drive awareness
and sales for their new Jars range.
But with a limited budget, we needed to be smart with whom we targeted and what media we used.

We used social media and identified
the bullseye shopper to be parents
with babies between 6-12 months.
This was then coupled with stores that over-indexed in competitor brand sales, to tackle the market share objective.


Ft. SKU Uplift


Sub Brand Uplift

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Capture Organix Jars

The strategy:

Capture Family icon

Identify the right shopper
through demographic data
and geo-targeting

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Targeting those within 1.5km
of the selected stores

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With stores which over-index in
competitor brand sales

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With clear calls to action
for the shopper

Media selection:

{ Targeted Geo-Social )

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Capture Organix Phone ad
Capture Organix phone ad
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