Data is central to everything we do, and evaluations form the core of our business model at
Capture. Using bespoke methodologies, we can understand the sales results of any
the campaign we manage, showcasing:

- Impressions, across physical and digital media
- Digital metrics from CTR to engagement
- % and f uplift across featured SKU, brand, and category
- Media ROI

All evaluations are housed within our proprietary tool Plan-Apps, enabling brands to access a
the bespoke dashboard that houses all of their data and enables closed-loop planning.

Our evaluation methodologies allow brands to understand:

- In-store media performance (any retailer)
- eCommerce media performance (any retailer)
- Performance marketing such as programmatic digital
- Total campaign ROI

The benefits:


Our methodology
provides a unified view
across all media and all
retailers, with a
standardized output.


Findings are delivered back
6 weeks post-media-live
date, to enable us to
optimize future campaigns
quickly and efficiently.


Receive industry-leading
recommendations for how to invest your marketing budgets, using historic comparisons and predictive analytics.

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