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{Brew City}

McCain were looking to drive sales of their Brew City snack range during the 2022 World Cup.


The Product:

A range of premium ‘beermunch’ snacks, set to revolutionise the traditional crisp and nut beer snack.

Objective 1:

Increase brand awareness and acquire new customers to the Brew City range.

Objective 2:

Convert this awareness into purchase intent and sales.

Total campaign delivered double the amount of impressions vs benchmark

The bespoke game
over-indexed across all gamification engagement metrics

The audience that engaged with the bespoke game delivered the highest £uplift across all activity within the campaign

Capture/Brew City mobile display ad
Capture/Brew City mobile display ad
Capture/Brew City mobile display ad

The Approach:


The campaign was activated with Tesco, Asda, Sainsburys and Morrisons



Third party data was used to build specific audience segments that targeted individuals with an interest in related subjects such as the World Cup, Football, Beer, Snacks etc.


We split the campaign across two key activations;

1. A DCO display campaign targeted to mobile users within 500 meters of a retail store, served post 5pm and at weekends.

Creative 1: Customised creative used on England match days, showcasing the flags of both England and the opponent team.


Creative 2: Standard creative showcasing relevant ‘match day’ related messaging

2. With the aim of owning the ‘half time occasion’ we worked with our tech content partner Hoopla to build bespoke gamification.


The game was served via mobile display ads to a retargeted audience of those who had been previously served the DCO

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