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Our 2019 Christmas Ad wrap

Updated: Jun 14, 2022

There’s no denying that Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year. With nostalgic movies, bright lights, and a chocolate overload (and it being perfectly acceptable to eat as much as you like), here at Capture it’s the Christmas ad season that we love most! Not only is it an opportunity to witness some of the biggest budget campaigns from all the supermarkets in one hit, it’s a clear playing field to be as judgemental as you like. 

So take a look at our supermarket Christmas ad wrap 2019…

Emotional storytelling is always nice. The U.K. likes watching nice things (Peaky Blinders aside). And Asda’s Christmas ad this year is exactly that… Really, really, nice. The storytelling is a thing of beauty and the advert itself is beautifully executed.

But what Asda have missed, is a distinct lack of brand equity and Asda brand codes. In other words, most people may not associate the advert with Asda quickly which will impact brand recall. When reviewing how their Christmas campaign was reflected online, there are a few sparkling elements on their food products but that’s about it…

Capture Rating: 6/10

Who doesn’t love a trip down memory lane? Celebrating its century year, Tesco has taken a fun and playful stint on the historical service they have provided every Christmas.

For us, whilst the ad succeeds in creating that Christmas nostalgia, what’s most impressive is Tesco’s execution of the campaign. They have made the most out of dynamic digital outdoor media and have been super targeted in their proximity messaging. There’s also a first when it comes to using Snapchat augmented reality lens and a Facebook arcade game that allows customers to get behind the wheel of the delivery van.

Capture rating: 7/10

Sainsbury’s. Home to our least favourite Christmas ad of the year. Sainsbury’s have clearly spent a significant amount on this advert and while there are some brand codes in there, the emotional pay-out just doesn’t quite work. It is not related to the benefit of Sainsburys.

In no way does their Christmas ad this year make us want to rush into a Sainsbury’s store to purchase Christmas groceries.

Now, the production is great, no question… But is that meant to be the point? I doubt it. Supplier brands at Sainsbury’s could have had an incredible opportunity to be associated with the retail giant in its 150th year throughout this ad, but, similarly to Asda, it feels like a missed opportunity.

Bring back the plug boy! And not just plastered so subtly on a poster that you can barely see him!

Capture Rating: 5/10

Money can’t buy happiness, and, in this case, the biggest marketing budget certainly doesn’t buy the best Christmas advert! Despite already launching their official Christmas advert, it’s Morrisons homemade low-budget advert, made entirely by their staff, that wins!

This ad not only epitomises all things Christmas, by pulling on our heartstrings and reminding the nation of those in need this Christmas, but it’s the staffs’ story and production of the ad that builds brand authenticity, credibility and believability with its audience.

A great campaign from Morrisons.

Capture rating: 9/10

Is it even a Christmas ad wrap without talking about the John Lewis Christmas advert? No.

This is the first time we’ve seen John Lewis and Waitrose combine forces with a singular ad and unsurprisingly JLP have played all their usual trademarks. Story? Tick. A bit sad? Tick. Stripped back cover song due to storm the UK charts? Tick.

And while the brand equity for John Lewis is absolutely there; with this ad, there’s a lack of emotional pay out at the end. Edgar the dragon sets alight to the Christmas pud – great. But come on, a dragon setting a Christmas pud alight? The shock factor is waning. 

We have no doubt the ad will help to raise awareness of the John Lewis Partnership over the Christmas period but we’re pretty sceptical about its awareness for Waitrose. JLP have executed much of the same, so we’re sure revenue will be exactly that… The same.

Threefold Rating: 6/10

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