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Crosta & Mollica:
{Altogether Italian}

Crosta & Mollica wanted to drive discovery, rate of sale and trial of their pizza range, attracting shoppers from competitor takeaway pizza brands.

We created a highly targeted strategy focused on young families, as well as affluent, health-conscious and experimental shoppers, in close proximity to rail/underground stations and at home.

This ensured we were targeting shoppers who are commuting, but then again at home in proximity to store when they are most likely to be influenced and convert to purchase.


Brand Sales % Uplift


Brand ROI

Crosta & Mollica digital display ad Capture
Crosta & Mollica Food Pic Capture

The strategy:

Captue location logo

Geo-ringfence Sainsbury's stores and rail/underground stations

Capture family logo

Enabled us to pinpoint our prime prospect and target where they over-index

Capture launch logo

Reaching our shopper with animated assets across devices and in prime locations

Media selection:

{ Digital Display }

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