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International Beverages wanted to drive awareness and ROS of their Caorunn Gin in England, whilst minimising wastage.


Through a cross-retailer campaign, they targeted a premium shopper aged 25-44 who is interested in other premium gin brands.


To overcome the higher price point as a barrier to purchase, digital media was activated at the consideration phase with Dynamic Creative Optimisation to ensure the creative was personalised for the end user based on location and weather.


Ft. SKU Uplift
Digital Display

Capture/Caorunn Gin Digital Display ad
Capture Caorunn Gin

The strategy:

We targeted users in proximity to store

Capture Location icon

Using Dynamic Creative Optimisation to serve personalised ads according to weathr and location

Upweighting media investment around London to support featured SKU listings

Capture Loudspeaker Logo
Capture Contextual Icon

Media selection:

{ Digital Display with Dynamic Creative Optimisation }

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