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Brewdog: {Lost Lager}

Brewdog wanted to grow their
penetration by recruiting a new
audience of lager drinkers into
the brand through their hero sku,
Lost Lager.

We identified their prime prospect as
younger adult males (25-44 years old),
who are frequent premium lager
drinkers and are environmentally
conscious. This allowed us to develop
a hyper targeted campaign to reach
them through the path to purchase.


Ft. SKU Uplift


VS SMG 2021

Digital Brand ROI

Brewdog campaign Capture

The strategy:

Capture demographic logo

Using key interest
and demographic data

Capture store front logo

Identified shoppers who had
been seen in select stores

Capture male logo

Enabling us to serve digital
media pre-shop to the
relevant audience

Capture location logo

We then re-targeted shoppers
in proximity to stores with retail
and promo callouts

Capture aisle fin logo

Supported by fixture and
ecomm media to convert sales

Media selection:

{ Targeted digital banners }

{ Digital Audio }

{ Geo-Located Social }

Capture/Brewdog D6
Capture/Brewdog mobile display ad
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